by Jillian Ann

1. Never fail to show up: if you say you are going to be somewhere, you need to make sure you are there. If it is an emergency and it is something like a death in the family and/or some other true disaster, take the time to call and tell whoever you are shooting with why you are not going to be there. If you don't show up, your reputation will not last long at all. People invest their own time and money into a shoot so you not showing up costs them time, energy and money.

2. Never go to a shoot high or drunk. A photographer has hired you for a job and you decided you want to go out and party all night. You end up not sleeping, or you continue to do drugs to keep the buzz going. Your eyes, however, are red or you're acting strange. This comes across on film and is something no photographer usually wants.

3. Do not lie about your weight or your size. Many photographers have told me horror stories of models who said they were a size six and were actually an eight. They showed up at the shoot and, needless to say, nothing fit. Now, the photographer has every right to send you home and charge you for the stylist and makeup fee. If you are not a size six, join the gym. Don't lie about it.

4. Never lie about what you're doing. If you are shooting for a test and you tell people you are shooting for a big magazine, the chances of people finding out are high and so are the chances of no one wanting to work with you again. The best thing to do is to wait until you have the tear sheets or the magazine is out on the stands. Misrepresenting things only makes you seem like a liar and does you no good whatsoever.

5. Never wrongly accuse a photographer of doing something they didn't do. This has happened to me over and over. I have had friends who were accused of things because a model was unhappy about payment or unhappy with the pictures or unhappy that the photographer didn't do more for her. The truth will come out and if wrongly accuse a photographer of something, that photographer will not want to deal with you again and word will get around.

6. Never use a model's name if you don't know her. People have done this to me. Girls tell photographers they know me to get a shoot when they really do not know me. Doing this runs the risk of the model finding out and confronting you with the truth. It's embarrassing.

7. Avoid cat talk. Talking bad about other models only makes you look insecure and jealous not to mention the fact again that it will likely get back to the model you are speaking bad about. Also, many photographers will not tell you who they are friends with and who they aren't friends with, so by talking bad about another model, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. If you have a problem with a model, it is better to deal with it directly.

8. Not eating before or during a shoot. I have made this mistake and have blacked out on a few shoots and paid the price. Always eat before and during a shoot. You won't look fat unless you overeat and not blacking out will make everyone very happy.

9. Not sleeping before a shoot. I have done this. I am lucky though because I don't get circles under my eyes and my eyes do not get puffy. But most people who don't get enough sleep are not as lucky. Always try to get at least six hours of sleep before a shoot. Many times I end up sleeping on a plane or in the car but I get my sleep.

It's all very simple.  Tell the truth.  Respect other people and follow The Golden Rule. This industry is full of enough drama so try to avoid adding to it. You will then make everyone happier, including yourself.

Jillian Ann

Note: The above article was originally posted to our Yahoo Group
on December 27, 2004, by model Jillian Ann

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