Below is a copy of the model release that we use for the workshop. Note that it is a "Limited Release", not a "Full Release". Workshops generally use limited releases because models are not being compensated as much as if they were doing a commercial shoot. It would not be fair to expect a model to work for a group of photographers for less money than if they were doing a private or commercial shoot with just one photographer and give up the same amount of rights. The purpose of a workshop is to give photographers the opportunity to build a portfolio, develop a photographic style, and to get experience working with models - not to shoot stock photos. Also, for the model to get more modeling experience, add to her portfolio, and network with other photographers. This release gives the photographer the right to use photos taken at the workshop in their portfolio, and to use the photos for self-promotion, display, exhibition, and competition. Photographers may use workshop photos on their own web sites as part of their portfolio, but may not use them on a pay web site.

Please note that all our current models must agree to this release. In the past one or two models have added a clause to their release stating that their photos are not to be published on the internet without their permission - these are usually models that do not have a "web presence". These models will only be used in the future if they agree to sign our standard workshop release because it is not practical to have models at the same event sign different releases, especially if they are in group shots together. Exact wording on model releases may vary from time to time. A full set of model releases is now included in the cost of the workshop and will be emailed to the photographers after the workshop. If you wish to use any workshop photos for commercial use you may negotiate a deal with the model. I usually advise our workshop models not to sign full releases for photographers at the workshop without additional compensation.

Please note, however, that models are encouraged to sign full releases for one-on-one private sessions at the workshop and many of the models will do so. The difference is that when doing a one-on-one session the model is being compensated at a higher rate and is granting rights to just one photographer, not the whole group of photographers. Some models may be unwilling to sign a full release, so it is generally a good idea to discuss it with the model before booking her for a private session if a full release is important to you. Click here to see a copy of the ASMP standard model release, which you might choose to use as your standard model release. It is considered to be the industry standard model release. Click here for ASMP's Copyright Guide for Photographers.


In consideration of my engagement as a model, and for valuable consideration received, I hereby grant to Greg Price and to the other photographers at today’s workshop, the right and permission to copyright, and use, images of me or in which I may be included, for noncommercial use, including, but not limited to, self-promotion (including online portfolio and social media), display, exhibition, and competition.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this release, model acknowledges that Greg Price Photography has the right to display these photos on or to publish photos taken at the workshop by any photographer for the purpose of promoting any web site and/or workshop that is owned, operated, or affiliated with Greg Price Photography.

I hereby warrant that I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name.




Legal Signature:

copyright greg price

posted 2003 - updated 2020