Here are some photos of our workshop location in Washington, NJ. The property is 25 acres of land on the side of a mountain in northwest NJ. The location features wide-open well-kept grassy areas surrounded by wooded areas. The autumn colors will be in full bloom by the day of the workshop. We will have access to the entire area including the house and jacuzzi. We will be shooting mostly outdoors and we will have a number of vehicles available as props including this motorcycle and this 2002 blue Corvette. We will also have a 2002 Red Corvette and a '77 black Corvette, a '32 orange Ford Coupe, a '31 black Four Coupe, and a 2004 black PT Cruiser convertible. The location will be decorated with pumpkins and other holiday decorations. We will also have a barbecue at the workshop with chili, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, salad, and beverages, and a large outdoor fire pit.
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photo by PC
location photos by Greg Price

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