above photos by Frank Wood

photos by greg price

These are photos of our workshop location in Southport, CT. The property is totally private and has many great indoor and outdoor shooting areas.The outdoor areas are available in warm weather and include a beautiful flower and vegetable garden and a patio. We can shoot anywhere in the house except for two bedrooms on the second floor. The indoor shooting areas include the living room, the dining room, the den, bedrooms, and the indoor pool and jacuzzi. As you can see in the above photos the indoor pool has many windows providing ambient light. The living room and dining room also have good available light. The location is easily reached by I-95 or the Merritt Parkway, or by train to the Fairfield Railroad Station, and there is adequate parking on site.

We have had 9 workshops at this location between August, 2002, and July, 2005.

Check out some of the photos from previous workshops:

workshop 143, August 25, 2002
workshop 145, October 20, 2002
workshop 149, February 2, 2003
workshop 150, March 2, 2003 (no link0
workshop 151, April 6, 2003
workshop 153, May 18, 2003
workshop 161, September 21, 2003 (no link)
workshop 169, March 28, 2004
workshop 191, July 31, 2005

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